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Logo: OCD Recovery CenterWelcome. The OCD Recovery Center provides innovative and comprehensive treatment programs for individuals and families seeking relief from the wide range of Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorders.

Welcome to the OCD Recovery Center

Each year tens of thousands of visitors seek answers to their OCD struggles on our web site. We hope you will find here what you most need. We are a network of skilled and dedicated professionals providing optimal treatment for the many obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders including:

It is our hope that you find comfort and caring in your visit here and that the OCD Recovery Center will become a helpful and frequent stop on your journey toward optimal recovery. We invite you to return again and again as you explore the many hundreds of pages of information on our site and take advantage of our various treatment options, seminars, books, and educational media.

The OCD Recovery Center has developed a reputation among professionals and patients for innovative and comprehensive treatment practices and offer a range of treatment programs including Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient treatment in our Grand Rapids, Michigan home office. We are also equipped to provide on-site Housecalls and telephone and internet consultations throughout the world.

Whatever option you choose we want you to know that at the OCD Recovery Center you are more than just a patient. All of our programs were developed by a doctor of psychology with OCD. We know what OCD is about first hand, what you are going through, and how to assist you on your journey of recovery. We hope you enjoy our site and find a path to the peace and healing you deserve.

Our #1 Mission - Assisting Patients and Families

Often misunderstood and misdiagnosed, most Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorders are now known to be genetically influenced disorders aggravated by immune, hormonal and life stress events. With an estimated 52 to 79 million persons in the US alone struggling with an obsessive compulsive disorder the World Health Organization has listed OCD as among the top 10 causes of disability worldwide. While research into these fascinating mind/body disorders has made great advances, treatment innovations have lagged far behind.

Many OC patients go undiagnosed. Even those patients fortunate enough to receive attention find there are few practitioners with the expertise to provide high quality treatment or understand the subtle effects the disorder has on the individual's lifestyle, learning abilities, relationships, career choices and even spirituality. Medications provide complete relief for less than 15% of patients so the need for new behavioral, cognitive and lifestyle innovations is great.

The OCD Recovery Center was formed around the mission of making creative, research-derived treatment options available to OC sufferers and reducing the current 17 year lag between symptom onset and effective treatment.

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