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The Center for Work Addiction Recovery

Work addiction, or workaholism, affects nearly everyone in North American and Western European societies in on way or another. We define work addiction as spending significant portions of one's life focused on productivity, doing things or accomplishing things out of a sense of driveness. Work addiction is making life choices based on shoulds, have-tos, and forcing rather than from a sense of choice, inner direction and centeredness.

We believe that work addiction is a silent killer more subtle, but more dangerous than drug or alcohol addiction because of it's insidious effects on the body's cardiovascular, neurological, immune and other systems. More people die of heart disease and other overwork related illnesses than all drug and alcohol addictions combined.

It is our intention to provide, through this site and our outpatient services, information and options for recovery from work addiction. The Center for Work Addiction Recovery offers individual and family psychotherapy in our Grand Rapids, Michigan location as well as The Power of Being Seminars.

The Power of Being Seminars

In this age of high stress and demoralizing downsizing imagine the energizing effect on your organization if each of your employees were to find a way to tap into an inner reservoir of aliveness, spontaneity, creativity, cooperatively, teamwork, empowerment, personal responsibility, balance and satisfaction on a daily basis. Dr. Christian R. Komor, PsyD. designed the Power of Being Seminars to provide participants with just these qualities.

The Power of Being Seminars are cosponsored with Herbal Fortress and held periodically throughout the year. These seminars will help guide you on your journey from compulsive overwork to healthy choice and self-ownership.

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