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The Center for Work Addiction Recovery

The Power of Being Seminars

Our contemporary society places a high value on achievement, productivity, efficiency, and control over our natural environment. Our technological advances are a testament to our success with this aspect of life. just as crucial to our individual and social survival, however, is our often neglected ability to BE. From our BEING arises our creativity, innovation, spontaneity, caring and our joy in the simple gifts of nature.

This is where the Power of Being Seminars come in. In this age of high stress and demoralizing downsizing imagine the energizing effect on your organization if each of your employees were to find a way to tap into an inner reservoir of aliveness, spontaneity, creativity, cooperatively, teamwork, empowerment, personal responsibility, balance and satisfaction on a daily basis. Dr. Christian R. Komor, PsyD. designed the Power of Being Seminars to provide participants with just these qualities.

In the seminar, participants learn to access their "being side" the side we all have which emerges when we still the hectic pace of contemporary life. Our "being side" results in a wide variety of benefits to both the individual and their organization. Participants become better able to make clear decisions and take initiative. They learn to invest in quality and take natural pleasure in the process of achievement. They become better learners as well as more comfortable with teamwork situations. They stay healthier physically with corresponding decreases in costly down-time, sick leave and health benefits usage. They are more satisfied with their lives with less resulting job turnover and burnout. They are less likely to be involved in industrial accidents. They are more patient and less likely to develop destructive substance abuse habits. They make fewer expensive errors and waste less material resources. In short, they are highly productive while maintaining a balanced lifestyle!

The Power of Being Seminars have now been presented in a wide range of organizational environments and time frames from keynote to two-day intensive workshops. The Power of Being Seminars typically have dramatic impact on organizations committed to excellence through the development of more internally satisfied, dynamic, empowered employees. We would be delighted to present the Power of Being Seminars for your group or organization. In order to schedule the Power of Being Seminars, simply contact our office. We also offer week-long Power of Being Retreats.

Through Didactic Presentation and Active Demonstrations Participants In This Intensive Hands-On Seminar Will Learn To:


Our clients and past seminar participants are raving about how The Power of Being Seminars have changed their lives! Here's what a few participants have to say:

"Absolutely excellent -- presenter was a very good example of what he was presenting. He lived his message. Perhaps the best seminar I have attended in 8 years!"

"The [seminar] has been a tremendous help to me in 'recovering' from compulsive doing. I want to tell you how much I enjoyed (and learned from) your speaking. Thanks for helping me get me back."

"I enjoyed the seminar very much. Dr. Komor was an excellent presenter. This seminar was very valuable to me because I have been practicing the "Power of Being Me" for the past several months, and found his tips and information to be very helpful! I am a "classic" example of high stress (headaches, depression) and have learned new ways to deal with this problem."

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