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About Mind/Body Consultant Services & Protocols

You know the mind and body can work together to promote optimal health...

You have heard lots of claims for complementary and psychotherapeutic healthcare practices...

Now if you only knew what really worked and what was just hype...?

Over the past two decades Mind/Body Consultant Services, like similar programs at Harvard University, Duke University and the University of Arizona, has been evaluating research findings in peer-reviewed journals concerning the safety and efficacy of complementary healthcare techniques. From psychotherapy to healing herbs we know what will work to meet your mind/body healthcare needs and we have the expertise to get you on the road to optimal physical and psychological health.

Mind/Body Consultant Services integrates dozens of procedures and practices as defined by the National Institutes of Health - National Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine for achieving optimal wellness.

Mind/Body Consultant Services has almost 20 years of experience in treating mind/body problems. Our practitioners combine experience with thousands of patients and an extensive knowledge of research-based complementary and alternative healthcare practices and procedures including the following:

Through these and other procedures our office provides compassionate and thoughtful solutions to a wide range of mental, emotional, relationship and lifestyle difficulties including the following:


Much of the material you will find at this web site is the same information we use for working with patients at Mind/Body Consultant Services. We hope you find this site a useful adjunct to your current psychological and physical healthcare. Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail for a personal consultation.

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