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About Mind/Body Consultant Services & Protocols

About Mind/Body Healthcare Services

Stress and its impact on the body is one of the most significant drains on America's healthcare dollar. In a recent study of 27,821 workers, 72 percent reported "frequent stress-related physical, or mental conditions that could increase health costs to their employees." In 1990, Americans spent $150 billion on sleep disorders alone!

In recent years medical and psychological research has documented the effectiveness of a number of health care procedures which take into account the powerful relationship between the mind and the body. Often referred to as "alternative," "complementary" or "integrative" treatments, these procedures can be used in con-junction with pharmacological, surgical and other interventions and devices recommended by a physician to facilitate the healing process.

The use of Mind/Body Healthcare to treat the 60-90% of medical disorders that are related to stress is on the rise. The World Health Organization estimates that 65 to 80% of the worlds' population now rely on "alternative" mind/body medicine as their primary form of healthcare. Harvard Medical School reported that Americans now pay an estimated $13.7 billion per year out-of-pocket for alternative mind/body health care.

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