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About Mind/Body Consultant Services & Protocols

Accessing Our Mind/Body Healthcare Consulting Services

Over the past two decades Mind/Body Consultant Services has evaluated peer-reviewed research literature (available upon request) regarding the safety and efficacy of a variety of complementary healthcare procedures and practices.

* We refer to qualified colleague practitioners
** Offered at our location

Many of our services are covered by third-party insurances.

What We Do

While we do not practice medicine, we can assist you in finding relief from physical illness by integrating treatments like those above into your lifestyle.


The mind and body can powerfully influence one another. Our counseling services range from traditional talk and experiential therapy to hypnosis, guided imagery and eye-movement desensitization.


Mind/Body Consultant Services offers specialized seminars in stress management, healthy work habits and mind/body health.


In situations where we do not provide the service you need, Mind/Body Consultant Services maintains a list of healthcare practitioners and organizations who have registered with our office. (The Center does not employ, endorse or have legal association with any of the providers to whom we refer.)


Mind/Body Consultant Services can provide an exhaustive computer, or hand researched summary of research findings in any of the above mind/body disciplines. or tailored to your specific mind/body health concern.

For more information on our seminar services, provider/research database or sponsorship information please contact us.

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