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About Mind/Body Consultant Services & Protocols

Mind/Body Healthcare

While, traditionally, more than 80% of the world's population has relied on complementary and alternative medicine as their primary form of healthcare, in 1997 over 70% of North American also sought out CAM services, spending 34.4 billion dollars on CAM services as compared to 9.1 billion on hospitalizations. During the 1990s the National Institutes of Health Budget for CAM jumped from $2 million to $50 million and is still increasing. With over 60% of all medical problems related to stress and lifestyles factors, by 1998 12 out of 18 of the nation's largest insurers covered some forms of CAM.

There are many practitioners of various forms of CAM such as yoga instructors, herbalists, meditation instructors and acupuncturists. But with so much unreliable or inaccurate information in the popular literature, how does an individual determine which CAM practice is effective and which may be harmful or have no effect on a particular physical or psychological condition? Further, how do various CAM practices interact with one another and with allopathic medicines and treatments? How do you find someone who can prescribe and provide CAM treatments for your specific situation and needs?

As scientist-practitioners Mind/Body Consultant Services not only knows the research and which studies are valid and reliable, but can work with your physician to evaluate your specific physical or psychological situation. We then go on to provide accurate and ethical clinical treatment* through the use of a wide range of proven CAM methods or referral to accredited colleagues.

* Mind/Body Consultant Services provides education concerning but will not diagnose physical disorders and diseases or provide physical treatment for physical disorders or disease without physicians involvement.

Some of the problem areas Mind/Body Healthcare can be of assistance in treating are:

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