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About Mind/Body Consultant Services & Protocols

Protocols: Qigong (Chi Kung)


Most of the world's medical, philosophical and religious traditions incorporate the idea the existence of some form of energy interwoven in the biological structure of all living things. Different cultures have different terms for talking about biological energy including "prana" in India, "ki" in Japan, "chi" in China, and "holy spirit" in Christian traditions. In physics there are many types of known energy (electrical, light, magnetic, sound, temperature, pressure, gravitational) and probably many yet to be discovered. Modern medical science has been able to measure and quantify bioelectromagentic energy fields both within and between our bodies. Medical journals such as Bioelectromagnetics are devoted to this area of study.

As research continues to define just want "energy" is, over thousands of years oriental cultures have developed systems for increasing and directing the flow of biological energy. Qigong, or Chi Kung is perhaps the most advanced of these systems. Qigong combines movements, breathing, and meditation to enhance the flow of vital energy in the human body. In China it is estimated that 200 million people practice qigong every day. Qigong healing practices are used in oriental hospitals and taught in medical schools. Studies have found that qigong practice can reduce blood pressure, induce relaxation, remediate depression, promotes deeper sleep, improves mental focus and clarity, moderates the function of the hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands, enhances the function of the immune system, improves resistance to disease and infection, encourages the elimination of toxic metabolites and increases the efficiency of cell metabolism and tissue regeneration through increased circulation of oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the brain, organs and tissues.

There are several different types of qigong. In general, qigong can be meditative, health-oriented or focused on the development of martial arts abilities. Qigong can be practiced internally (utilizing meditation and exercises to increase one's own supply and utilization of chi) or externally (directing one's chi energy for use in healing others and self-defense).

Many classes, audiovisual and literary resources are available to assist you in developing your own practice of qigong. We have listed several below and other resources can be obtained on request from our office:

Warnings: The information above is provided for educational purposes and may not be construed as a medical prescription or as a substitute for the advice of your physician. Do not use this product without first consulting your physician especially if you are pregnant or lactating. Be advised that some herbs and dietary supplements can cause severe allergic reactions in some individuals and may also have an adverse result in conjunction with other medications, or treatments. You should regularly consult your physician in matters regarding your health and particularly in respect to symptoms and conditions which may require diagnosis or medical attention. Reevaluate use of this product after 6 months.

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