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About Our Intensive Outpatient Program Welcome Letter

Welcome and thank you for choosing to participate in the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at the OCD Recovery Center. We have developed a unique program which offers the best of a wide variety of different practices and procedures for improving obsessive compulsive spectrum disorders. Although we have had opportunities to develop inpatient programs, we believe that intensive OCD work is best accomplished on an outpatient basis. This is why we assist you in making arrangements to stay in a hotel near our clinic and then participate in three to five "clinical hours" (45 minutes) of intensive treatment each day you are with us.

If this communication is reaching you prior to leaving your home city please know that you are welcome to contact us during your travels to Grand Rapids. We are aware that it can be very challenging to travel when OCD is present and want to do everything possible to assist. If you call our office number and encounter our voice mail feel free to touch zero to page Dr. Komor. This is also true while you are here in Grand Rapids. We take only one IOP patient each week so you are our top priority.

Our goals during the week are to establish a clear picture of your situation, design a multifaceted treatment program and then begin implementing the program. Most IOP participants choose to continue contact with us after returning home so that we can continue to work through "bugs" in the treatment program and build upon our initial work to develop new strategies if needed.

We would appreciate any feedback you have including your accommodations and your experience of being in Grand Rapids. This allows us to better advise future IOP participants.

Please feel free to let us know what your needs are as the IOP program progresses or to ask questions at any time. Know that you have our respect and admiration for the bravery and commitment you have shown in attending the IOP program at the OCD Recovery Center.

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