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Common Recovery Tasks and Life Management Issues in OCD Recovery

At the OCD Recovery Center we are sensitive to the inner suffering and struggle that persons with OCD go through - often on a daily basis. For a significant percentage of persons with OCD even effective medication and exposure and response prevention behavioral therapy leave many issues and needs untended. Additionally, obsessions and compulsions are not the only manifestations of OCD. A person with OCD often thinks differently and approaches life differently than someone without OCD. These differences can create ongoing sub-clinical depression, life stress, conflict in relationships and blocks to spiritual and personal growth.

Some of the common lifestyle or life-management issues encountered in OC-Spectrum disorders recovery are:

While exposure and response prevention behavior therapy remains the cornerstone of OC-Spectrum disorders recovery, crucial life-management issues such as these must often be addressed as well during the recovery process. OCD Recovery Center has developed specialized interventions to assist OCD and spectrum disorders patients with these essential lifestyle issues.

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