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About Our Telephone and Video Conferencing Program

Staying In Touch With the Assistance You Need

Through the Teleconferencing Program individuals with OCD can participate in regular treatment sessions via the telephone or video conferencing through the Internet. Treatment is generally covered by insurance if available. Sessions are billed at usual outpatient rates and can be paid for by credit card through this web site or directly at the time of the Teleconferencing Session. As with all our programs, the Teleconferencing Program is designed to assist the individual in creating rapid change which will put them on an aggressive path back out of the wilderness of obsessions and compulsions and restore life serenity and optimal functioning as rapidly as possible.

The following are some of the most important elements included in the Teleconferencing Program:

Keys To Recovery

The OC Spectrum Disorders Telephone and Video Conferencing Program utilizes the "Sixteen Keys" approach developed by the OCD Recovery Center which include:

Key Icon First Key: Accurate & Complete Diagnosis

Key Icon Second Key: Information, Education & Understanding Including OC Cycles

Key Icon Third Key: Assessing History & Damage from Disorder & Grieving Losses

Key Icon Fourth Key: Understanding Core Family of Origin Patterns and Psychological Dynamics

Key Icon Fifth Key: Identifying & Transcending Core Fears

Key Icon Sixth Key: Identifying & Finding Alternatives for Unhelpful Self-Medicators

Key Icon Seventh Key: Initiating and Refining Psychoactive &, or Phytomedicinal Medication Support

Key Icon Eighth Key: Initializing Specialized Complementary & Integrative Healthcare (CIH) Tools

Key Icon Ninth Key: Learning Stress & Anxiety Management Techniques

Key Icon Tenth Key: Developing Lifestyle Management & Self-Care Skills

Key Icon Eleventh Key: Developing Cognitive Restructuring & Obsession Inoculation Strategies

Key Icon Twelfth Key: Conducting Behavioral Therapy

Key Icon Thirteenth Key: Strengthening Family & Peer Relationships

Key Icon Fourteenth Key: Reestablishing a Healthy Doing-Being Balance

Key Icon Fifteenth Key: Repairing or Rebuilding Career & other Life Infrastructure Areas

Key Icon Sixteenth Key: Developing Relapse Prevention Plan Including Emergency Plan & Ongoing Resource/Support Utilization

What are the costs and logistics involved in the Teleconferencing Program?

There is no special fee involved for the treatment phase of the Teleconferencing Program - simply the hourly charges of $140 (per 45 minute "clinical hour"), which are normally paid by credit or debit card at or prior to each session. The initial session is normally scheduled for a full clinical hour and some psychological testing, or records transfer may be initiated at that time. Subsequent sessions are sometimes arranged as half-sessions depending on need.

An excellent choice for conducting long-distance sessions is videoconferencing via the Internet. We can instruct the individual in the specifics of video conferencing if they are not familiar with the technology. This can be easily accomplished in 10 to 15 minutes by all patients with access to a computer, the Internet and a digital video camera (less than $50 investment). We have found that videoconferencing is "the next best thing to being there". We utilize Microsoft NetMeeting which is a free service. In some cases e-mail consultations can be of benefit as well.

How do I get started with the Teleconferencing?

  1. Review this description carefully as well as other information from our web site or that we send you upon request.
  2. Contact our office for a complementary telephone consultation (approximately 10 minutes) to ask any questions you might have about the program. You can also e-mail us with questions. At this time we will set up dates for the initial Teleconference and also decide on a format (e.g., telephone, videoconference, e-mail).
  3. Complete the registration forms and mail, fax or e-mail them back to us. Place a credit card order on this web site or mail a check for $140 to cover the initial consultation. (All fees paid in advance of the Teleconferencing Program are refundable up to 14 days prior to the first day of the Teleconferencing Program.)
  4. We have also found it is important for us to coordinate with prescribing physicians as well as other treatment providers involved with the individual's recovery progress.

The OCD Recovery Center Teleconferencing Program can be a wonderful opportunity to begin a recovery program or to jump-start an OC recovery process already underway. We invite your questions regarding this unique program and look forward to the possibility of working together to restore the self-ownership, freedom and joy that is your birthright.

To set up or ask further questions via e-mail about the OCD-RCOA Teleconferencing Program please use our contact form.

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